Rind on It

I’ve been experimenting with quick pickles for over a year now. I actually prefer quick pickles because normally the ingredient retains its natural crunch, and it’s so much faster than the fermentation process. Oh and I don’t have to worry about dying from botulism.  They are an incredible addition to salads, sandwiches, and rice bowls. […]

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Sugar. Herb. Nuts.

If you’ve never been to NYC, there are these candied nuts carts called Nuts4nuts on every street corner next to the halal street meat dudes. The smell of these candied nuts just blows you right in your sniffing holes, commanding you to find the source. And once you find it, you lock eyes with the […]

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Stop Buying Avo Toast

If you buying 10 dollar avocado toast violated with unassuming organic seeds and littered with microgreens, I’m here to save you from yourself. $10 can buy you 10 kit kats, a CiCis pizza buffet, or a Starbucks date for two, or better yet 100 nuggets from Burger King! Don’t be foolish. SAVE YOUR MONEY! The […]

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Coming to Chesus Moment

This is a great recipe for all the abandoned questionable cheese housed in your refrigerator. There is just SO many possibilities you can craft with those lil golden bits of ooey gooey goodness. From mac n cheese, nachos, casseroles, to the most obviously relevant: grilled cheese. We about to take it next level and bathe […]

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Spiked Blueberry Lemonade

I’m spending New Years Eve in Florida, so my summery drink streak is all year long! Take that you yankee weirdos! This recipe is great for impressing my parents with my very mediocre skill in mixology. I make them so proud. Like I’ve said before, I like my drinks disgustingly sweet. As you pour with […]

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